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San Miguel de Abona

San Miguel de Abona

Between two wildely cracked mountain gorges, Barranco de Archiles and Barranco de la Orchilla, the Canarias village San Miguel de Abona lies at an average altitude of about 600m. Mainly agriculture prevails around the village with vine-growing but also growing of vegetables, fruit and even corn. Tenerife does not have rivers nor ground waters.

San Miguel de Abona is a birth place of historician and medicine doctor Juan Bethencourt Alfonso. The Bethencourt's heritage is constituted by three-volume documentation of the life of local people. He also carried out examination on the heritage of the Guanchen. Thanks to that works, present historicians have a thorough general knowledge on that subject. The village offers to the visitors numerous, well-preserved old colonial buildings. In the centre of the village, there is a church Iglesia Parroquial de San Miguel located from which the village was named and which at the same time is consecrated to the arch angel Miguel (Michael). Both big paintings in the church make an astonishing impression.

The castle Castillo de San Miguel is an obligatory visiting point, creating a medieval atmosphere during its visiting. That one who does not feel a special touch of medieval atmosphere, should take part in a medieval party during which he should eat only using hands. Smacking and sipping during eating is welcomed. Apart from that, also knights competitions take place here with horses and lances.

In the south of the cemetery (Cementerio), the Canarian mansion house "Casa del Capitan" is situated. There, in 1780, Miguel Alfonso Martinez was born, admired by the inhabitants of the village. In his times, he was, as a captain, the highest by rank soldier of the municipality. In 1878, the mansion house, after fire, was fully reconstructed. Today an interesting museum is located there, giving the opportunity to look not only into the traditional arts of colonial and Guanchen's time but also into the past of the village.

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San Miguel de Abona - Teneriffa / Tenerife

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