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Climate and weather

Tenerife is located at the same latitude as Florida and the Sahara desert, at 300 Km east. Tenerife isn't as warm as the Caribbean and neither as hot as the Sahara. This is because of two reasons: The Canary sea current and the Alisios winds. The Canary current  comes up as a consecuence of the gulf current which comes from the Caribbean and goes to Europe. There in Europe, it gets fresh and flows down to the Canary Isles. The second reason is the Alisios winds which are the main reason of the sunny days in Tenerife. The Alisios winds appear as a result of the equilibrium of the atmospheric pressure between the subtropical areas in the north latitudes (20-25 degrees north) and the low pressure of the ecuatorial areas. The natural air conditioning system comes from the union of these two matters in Tenerife. The Alisios winds prevent that the spurs coming from the Atlantic ocean hit the isles and that's why there's a high air pressure during almost the whole year. But in winter time the alisios winds sometimes stop blowing and that's why a low atmosppheric pressure reaches the Canary Isles, producing rain and storms. This low pressure doesn't  last too much and disappears pretty soon.

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