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Climate and weather

As a general rule, the temperatures on the north of Tenerife are very confortable and they don't get so different from the sunny days on the south of the island. Most of the times you'll fell the nice and relaxing alisios winds blowing. In the mornings, the alisios winds start blowing and when the sun heats the isle enough they stop and it usually happens in the afternoon. During winter time some clouds cover the skies of the north of the isle and they may become into rain. The climate situation may change from week to week and that's why it's difficult to exactly predict the climate in Tenerife. In the case you want to enjoy many holiday activities, the north is a good place to stay. But if you want to enjoy beach holidays during winter time, it's better for you to stay in the south of the isle. In summer time, from april or may,  there is no considerable rain. Just in places over 500 meters over the sea level, some cloud formations cover the skies mostly in the afternoons. That's because of the humidity brought by the alisios winds which benefit the vegetation of the place.

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