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Valle Guerra

Valle Guerra - Garden of Tenerife

Valle de Guerra is the " Garden of Tenerife" . The village is situated on the northern coast and beams a "green feeling". At the foot of Anaga mountains  you'll find many fincas that are used for agricultural purposes. They grow mainly bananas and grapes for wine but also potatoes, tomatoes, corn and other vegetables for local production. The name " Valle de Guerra" means valley of the war which suggest that the intensive fighting for freedom of Tenerife took place here. This might be the wrong conclusion as the landowners, to whom the whole valley belonged, were called " La Guerra " The village itself has a nice, typical Canarias atmosphere with a square used for local gatherings and a church. It has quite a few bars and restaurants in the side streets which serve excellent food.

in the south of the village and next to the coast lies " La Barranquera " district which has a small forest area used by the local people. The main attraction in the village is the "Museo de Antrapolgia de Tenerife"., which can be found in Calle El Viso 44. This is the former manor house of La Guerra family which shows you how life used to be in the old days on the island before tourism took its hold. It is interesting to see how water is found by simple methods out of  the dry land and also examples of wooden jointery and pottery arts.

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Valle Guerra - Teneriffa / Tenerife

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